Santa Clara Valley Water District

The Santa Clara Valley Water District Engineers’ Society (ES) is a group of engineering professionals dedicated to protecting and improving South Bay residents’ access to clean and safe water.

Chapter Info

Staff Representatives

Stanley Young,

Chapter Leadership

  1. Samantha Greene, President, DELEGATE
  2. Andrew Garcia, Vice President, DELEGATE
  3. Tin Lin, Secretary/Treasurer, DELEGATE
  4. Eric Leitterman, DELEGATE
  5. Amandeep Saini, Unit Rep
  6. Samina Shaikh, Unit Rep
  7. Bal Ganjoo, Unit Rep
  8. Brian Mendenhall, Unit Rep
  9. James Bohan, Unit Rep
  10. Luz Penilla, Unit Rep
  11. Paul Thomas, Unit Rep
  1. Vanessa De La Piedra, Interim President, DELEGATE
  2. Jonathan Burgess, Interim Vice President, ALTERNATE DELEGATE
  3. Carmen Narayanan, Treasurer, ALTERNATE DELEGATE
  4. Jessica Collins, Secretary, ALTERNATE DELEGATE
  5. Lonnie Spin, At Large, ALTERNATE DELEGATE

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