Sunnyvale Members Win More than $264,000 in Unpaid Overtime


Members from one of Local 21’s newest chapters have won a major grievance over mandatory unpaid work. Though the numbers are still being calculated, the settlement will be more than $264,000 and will be distributed to 23 current members and 13 retirees.

Mabuhay! October is Filipino American History Month!


Here are a few facts about Filipino American history that might surprise you and make you say “Talaga?” (Really?)

Local 21 Members Hold Event to Feed the Homeless


Members from the Health Care Professionals Chapter planned and held a volunteer event where Local 21 members gave back to the community through volunteer work.

CCSF Bargaining is Around the Corner


As we head into contract bargaining with the City and County of San Francisco, the state of our Union is strong and we are getting stronger.  We are at over 90% membership throughout Local 21.

Local 21 Members Create Event to Feed the Homeless


Members from the Health Care Professionals Chapter have planned a volunteer event where Local 21 members can give back.

A Coalition of Unions is Saying NO to DPH’s Attempt to Create a 2-Month Vacation Blackout During the Summer Months


The company has recommended 2-3 days of training for employees to familiarize themselves with the system. They’ve also recommended a several month vacation blackout period for employees next summer.

The Election is Near, Volunteer to Support Local 21- Endorsed Candidates!


November 6 is around the corner, and there are plenty of opportunities to get out and support candidates who will stand up for public services, workers, and our communities.

Phone bank or door knock for a Local-21 endorsed candidate and make a difference in this election!


Local 21 Wins at the Courts, Port of Oakland, and SFUSD


Local 21-endorsed Proposition G Leads to More Equitable Wages for Members, Port of Oakland Members Show Solidarity During Contract Fight, and Overwhelmingly Ratify Tentative Agreement, and Court Reporters and Court Professionals Negotiate a 1-Year Deal Despite Major Funding Challenges  


Vote No on Prop. 6 to Save 1,302 Bay Area Transportation Projects


"Passing Prop 6 will revert us back to 1980s levels of transportation funding—and the potholes will prove it.”

Contra Costa County Local 21 Members Rise Up in a 9 Union Coalition to Fight for Healthcare


On September 18, hundreds of County workers took the morning off to rally outside the Board of Supervisors, and then packed the Board room to support Coalition speakers who addressed the Board.