East Bay

WCCUSD Team Participates in California Labor Management Initiative


Fifty school districts from around the state gathered in San Diego to explore the possibility of improving outcomes for students through enhanced partnerships among union leaders, school board members and other district leaders.  The underlying premise is that collaborative teaming and interest-based practices can significantly improve the working climate in schools and the district resulting in increased learning for students.

New Local 21 Video: “You Have the Means”


Three independent consultant studies have all reached the same conclusion:  there is no further need for salary or benefit reductions and the City of Hayward has the means to painlessly and responsibly reach an agreement on an equitable contract with City employees. 

Hayward Member's Son Wins Public Sector Scholarship


Winston Ji, the son of Hayward Fire Protection Engineer and Local 21 member Flora Chen, has just been awarded the 2015 Dominick D. Critelli Scholarship Award for IFPTE’s Public sector.  The scholarship award honors Dominick D. Critelli, Jr., longtime IFPTE Local 195 President and IFPTE International Executive Vice-President, who passed away unexpectedly in 2006 at age 66. 

Report from East Bay MUD: Members Win Deferred Comp Grievance


Our East Bay Municipal Utility District chapter had a large win last month by settling our longstanding deferred compensation grievance.  During our 2013 negotiations, the District proposed removing language in the contract which provided an allotment of money the District would pay to a provider for administering the deferred compensation plan. 

Not all 2014 Contracts Settled: Hayward is One Example of An Extended Fight for Equity


As the New Year begins and we turn our attention to planning new bargaining campaigns in key Local 21 jurisdictions including Oakland and San Jose, staff is continuing to work hard to settle our remaining contracts from 2014.

Local 21 Files PERB Complaint Against Contra Costa Water District


Our Contra Costa Water District chapter continues to battle over the misapplication of MOU language.  After several meetings and an antagonistic grievance process, Local 21 filed a charge in November 2014 with the state Public Employment Relations Board.  We are now waiting to hear back from the PERB agent as to whether the case will go to arbitration or a settlement conference.

San Leandro Equity Study Turns into Raises for Members


In the recent contract in San Leandro, Local 21 negotiated a clause to meet and confer over equity studies for water plant and police department classifications 60 days after the ratification.

Sara Lamnin sworn in to serve on Hayward City Council


Labor packed the Hayward City Council Chambers on July 8 to celebrate Sara Lamnin’s swearing-in as a new member of the city council.

Cheryl Penick, Local 21 Hayward Chapter President (left) chats with Lamnin at a late June luncheon to honor Local 21 Hayward members for their work around the June primary election.

Hayward workers unite against further cuts


Our members in Hayward are continuing their fight against pay and benefit cuts the City is insisting on in bargaining. In 2012 both our members and SEIU gave concessions totally 12% in take-home pay to avert layoffs. Now both Local 21 and SEIU have open contracts and the City is seeking a further 5% in cuts. Before our contract expired, the City declared impasse in SEIU negotiations in July which prompted a 3-day strike. Local 21 members came out in support of SEIU, but did not strike because our contract had not yet expired.