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Independent Revenue Forecast Shows Hayward Is Not Facing Budget Deficit


A new report by Beacon Economics, a leading independent economic research firm, conclusively demonstrates that, contrary to the City’s claims, Hayward is not facing a structural deficit.  The City’s original Ten-Year General Fund Plan relied on overly conservative assumptions to create an impression that the City has a major deficit which can only be addressed by seeking more concessions from civilian employees.  The Beacon report, however, identifies $43 million in additional revenues that were not included in the City’s original General Fund projections, including $31 million in property

“We Stand With Hayward Workers” Campaign Continues


Last Saturday hundreds of Hayward residents and business owners signed a “We Stand With Hayward Workers” petition, in support of city workers at the bargaining table.

Hayward Members! Join us for Two Important Events this November


Join us at two important events to let the Hayward City Council and community know about the important services we provide and why we simply can’t give anymore.

City of Hayward Seeking Further Concessions


In 2012, City of Hayward members agreed to concessions to aid the City in balancing their budget. Now, the City is thanking members for their sacrifices by seeking further concessions.

San Leandro Chapter Approves New Three Year Contract


On September 6th the San Leandro Chapter approved a multi-year contract running from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015.  Under the terms of the new agreement members will now contribute 8% towards their pension which will be offset by a 10% wage increase over the three year term.  The City will also provide a 2.5% salary increase to four classifications at the Water Pollution Control Plant (Supervisor, Lead Operation, Operator I/II and Operator-in-Training) in order to bring their compensation packages closer in-line with the Bay Area labor market.  Moreover, the City has

RSVP Today! Professional Rights Training I, April 3


Join us for an introductory training for new and functioning stewards who have never received steward training or are seeking a refresher course.

East Bay MUD Continues with Negotiations Under April Contract Expiration Date


Local 21’s EBMUD chapter began negotiating a new contract last month, with the first meeting on February 5. Our current contract expires on April 28, and the District seems interested in completing the negotiation process before that date.

The District had four proposals, three of them concessionary. As in many agencies, they are asking for an additional employee pension contribution. They are also proposing the elimination of two holidays, and that the Union and District work collaboratively to address rising healthcare costs.

Solano County Executive and Senior Managers Join Local 21


Representing executive and senior management professionals, the Solano County chapter of Local 21 is set to begin negotiations over its first contract, following a successful organizing drive resulting in a membership rate hovering over 40%. Solano chapter leaders and Local 21 staff expect that number to increase over the coming months as one-on-one contact is intensified, while an inaugural MOU is being negotiated. The goal is to strengthen membership levels internally while the Chapter is negotiating its first contract to increase leverage at the bargaining table.