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Postpone Dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies: SUPPORT SB 659


Save Jobs, Affordable Housing and Economic Development

As you may know, the CA Supreme Court ruled that the measure to abolish redevelopment was legal and that the bill allowing redevelopment programs to continue in exchange for shifting millions of dollars to the state was unconstitutional. Worse, they ruled that redevelopment agencies should wind down their activities by February 1, just days from now.

San Jose Members Rally for Fairness In Face of Unlawful Ballot Measure



On Tuesday, December 6, Hundreds of San Jose workers, including Local 21’s AEA, AMSP and CAMP members, protested a proposed ballot measure by Mayor Chuck Reed and a Council majority, that would lead to litigation and put at risk hundreds of millions of dollars that San Jose can't afford.

Members Demand More Time to Bargain at Santa Clara Valley Water District


After months of hostile negotiations with the Santa Clara Valley Water District, Local 21 members filled a Board meeting on Monday, December 5, asking Directors for more time to bargain. Speakers reviewed recent movement from the bargaining table of Local 21’s Engineers Society (ES) and Professional Management Association (PMA) chapters.

Elect Matt Loesch for San Jose Federated Retirement Board


Matt Loesch, previous San Jose Association of Engineers and Architects chapter President, is running for a second term on the San Jose Federated Retirement Board. Matt has served as Board Chairman since 2010, and has worked tirelessly on the employees’ behalf to ensure that funding and pension and retiree healthcare is secure. He was at the forefront of Board's decisions to update investment strategies since the market bottomed out in 2009.

Local 21 Presents Solid Numbers and Problem-Solving Solutions on Pensions at Special San Jose City Council Meeting


The San Jose City Council held a special meeting Monday, October 17, to get more detail on pension reform proposals from Local 21 (AEA, AMSP and CAMP) and Police and Fire Bargaining Units. 

Mayor Chuck Reed only allowed each proposal 5 minutes of public testimony in front of the City Council. Deputy City Manager Alex Gurza was given in excess of an hour for his presentation. This goes to show you that the City is not interested in a fair and level playing field.

San Jose City Retirement Director Calls City Employees Useless - Unions Fire Back


A coalition of San Jose city workers gathered Monday, October 24, to call for the immediate dismissal of San Jose Director of Retirement Services Russell Crosby for his remarks contained in an email to City Councilmember Sam Liccardo, where he calls City workers “totally useless.”

In the same email, Mr. Crosby advocates for getting rid of older workers and retaining younger ones.