South Bay

Khoa Vo Shines as South Bay Steward


Recently, the Santa Clara County Planning Department attempted to adopt the use of Individual Self-Development Plans. Leaders from Local 21’s Santa Clara County Engineers & Architects Association (SCCEAA) reviewed the personnel rules to respond to the employer, and held a meeting with members in the Planning Department to hear their concerns. SCCEAA President and Steward Khoa Vo then held an informal meeting with an Administrative Services Manager and pointed out that the current Performance Appraisal and Development Plan has all the components discussed in the employers’ new Individual

San Jose Members “Camp Out,” Bring City to the Bargaining Table


At 3am on Monday, June 6, Local 21 members set up an RV and “camped out” outside of San Jose City Hall to call on elected officials to negotiate with City workers about changes to retirement benefits. They carried a banner with the message, “Tell the Truth! Negotiate Now!”

San Jose Declares Fiscal Emergency to Cut Workers’ Retirement Benefits


On Friday, May 13th, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed released a memo calling for a Fiscal and Public Safety Emergency to “gain control over skyrocketing retirement costs.”  In the memo, Reed announced his plan to place a measure on the November ballot that would dramatically cut City workers’ retirement benefits.  Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen and Councilmembers Sam Liccardo and Rose Herrera also signed on to the proposal.

San Jose Members Fight to Safeguard Vested Benefits, Participate in Trainings



On May 2, San Jose’s City Manager unveiled a Five-Year “Fiscal Reform” Plan proposing that the City create a hybrid Social Security-Defined Contribution plan for new hires instead of the Defined Benefit retirement plan that current workers have.