Defend Social Security, Medicare & Medi-Cal

Congress and the President are in deep in negotiations on a deal to close the national budget deficit. Cuts to Social Security, Medi-Cal, and Medicare are on the table.   

President Barack Obama and some members of both parties have indicated a willingness to cut or restrict access to these programs to reduce a debt caused by unpopular wars, tax cuts for the wealthiest, and bailouts for banks and corporations.

A national budget deficit deal that allows for de facto cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid (called Medi-Cal in CA) for current or future recipients is a non-starter for anyone who cares about the health and well being of millions of older adults, people with disabilities, and children.

Social Security keeps millions of older adults from falling below the poverty line after a lifetime of work. Medicare and Medi-Cal ensure that retirees and poor children are able to access quality health care, and are critical sources of revenue for trauma centers and public hospitals, health clinics, and public health departments. 

Instead of going after programs for the middle-class, the President and Congress should close loopholes that allow billion dollar corporations to avoid paying taxes altogether. They should crack down on deceptive practices in the financial sector that led to the economic meltdown in 2008.

Call your Congressmembers and Senators TODAY and tell them that cuts to Social Security, Medi-Cal and Medicare are WRONG. Look up your Senators and Member of the House of Representatives here.