Here They Go Again: Statewide Measures by Reed

Yes, former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is at it again.

He has filed two new statewide pension ballot measures, both of which are bad news for public employees. He hopes to put one of them on the ballot for November 2016.

This summer he proposed a statewide constitutional amendment that would prohibit retirement benefits for new public employees and potentially require our wages, retirement, and benefits to end up on the ballot.

A few weeks ago Reed said he was holding off proposing measures until 2018, but apparently, he couldn’t wait until then. He filed one measure to eliminate definied benefit retirement for many public employees and the second one to cut employer contributions and raise employee contributions to retirement plans including Social Security and Medicare. 

We are monitoring the situation closely. Our statewide coalition, Californians for Retirement Security, is doing an analysis of the measures. Should one of them move forward, we will need to gear up for the fight of our lives. You can help us get ready for that fight by signing up to donate to the Local 21 Political Action Committee.