Rise with Local 21 at the Sept 8. Climate Justice March!

Local 21 is a proud partner for the Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice March. Join us on September 8, 2018, as we mobilize towards transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards a renewable economy that protects our families, our workers, and our planet where everyone has enough to thrive.



Why do we care about climate change? Because the climate crisis affects everyone. Local 21 members do the important work to make sure that the Bay Area has safe, clean, drinking water, we engineer sea walls to account for rising tides, study and analyze environmental data, and more. 


California is deeply affected by climate change. Drought, wildfires, air pollution, sea rise, and extreme heat waves are directly linked to climate change in the state. For example, increasing temperatures and drought are contributing heavily to devastating fires statewide that are causing death, property loss, budget crises, and destruction of natural ecosystems. Local 21 members and our families live and work in California, we breathe the air and drink the water, and our homes are in at-risk zones.


The cost of climate change on our local budgets will become increasingly severe, leading to fewer services, crisis budgets, and layoffs. A study by the University of Maryland found that “The costs of climate change rapidly exceed benefits and place major strains on sector budgets, personal income and job security.”


It is imperative that we advocate for proactive responses and strong funding for solutions to the environmental crises from our state and the cities, counties, and schools we work for.



Watch Local 21 member Cris Tulloch talk about the work she does to keep our water safe in this feature one-minute video, and help share the video on Facebook here!