City of San Jose

Our City of San Jose chapters are comprised of engineers, architects, supervisors and other highly skilled professionals across various departments including transportation, environmental services, and parks & recreation.

Chapter Info

Staff Representatives

Elizabeth Kamya,

Chapter Leadership

  1. Florin Lapustea, President, DELEGATE
  2. Brian Lee, 1st Vice President, DELEGATE
  3. Vacant, 2nd Vice President, DELEGATE
  4. Tala Fatolahzadeh, Secretary/Treasurer, DELEGATE
  5. Alberto Gaxiola, Sergeant at Arms, DELEGATE
  6. Vacant, DELEGATE
  1. Jesse Perez, President, DELEGATE
  2. Moses Arroyo, Vice President, Board of Dir., DELEGATE
  3. Vacant, Secretary/Treasurer, DELEGATE
  4. Vacant, Board of Directors, ALTERNATE DELEGATE
  5. Vacant, Board of Directors
  6. Vacant, Board of Directors
  1. Julie Jennings, President/DELEGATE
  2. Cathy Noonan, Vice President, DELEGATE
  3. Vacant, Treasurer, DELEGATE
  4. Vacant, Secretary, DELEGATE
  5. Korey Richardson, Board of Directors, DELEGATE
  6. Kat Estrada, Board of Directors, DELEGATE
  7. David Nerhood, Board of Directors
  8. Scott Riddle, Board of Directors
  9. Vacant, Board of Directors
  10. Ottavio Camara, Board of Directors, DELEGATE
  11. Vacant, DELEGATE

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